Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Andi Dorfman Make Up Look!

How many Bachelorette fans are reading this?? :-) After seeing how gorgeous Andi Dorfman looked on the Bachelorette After the Final Rose last night, I couldn't help but try to re-create her make up look!  I included some pictures, but I apologize, I couldn't find many of her smiling because I took them from the clips of her talking with Nick... haha!

Andi always glows.  First off, she's naturally PERFECTION, so she doesn't need to doll herself up too much or she will look way over done.  Secondly, when you see her, her make up is rarely heavy.  She always has bronzed, even skin tone, long lashes, and that so-buzzed-about "Kylie Jenner" lip.  Her look last night was so appealing I decided to try it for myself this morning.  I will share with you step-by-step what I used and how I used each product.  

1. Base:  For this I used my Lo'real True Match Foundation.  Andi glows, but never has unwanted shine.  She opts for a matte finish with bronze cheeks.  I chose Lo'real True Match Foundation in W6 for my base because it is the darkest foundation I own, and it has a natural yet glowy finish!

2. Eye shadow primer and eye shadow:  I first applied an eyeshadow base.  I used MAC's Painterly Paint Pot because it provides a smooth canvas for blending your eyeshadows.  Since Andi always opts for a neutral eye, I used my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.  I put Foxy and WOS all over the eye lids using a MAC 217 brush.  Using the same brush I applied Naked 2 to the outer crease to add definition.  I dipped that same brush into Faint to build the color up a bit more and blended out the crease.  These shadows are so creamy and easy to blend.  Take your time here though! Blending is the most important part!  I added some Venus to my inner corner just to make my eyes appear bigger since Andi's always pop!  I finished off the eye with a bit of blackish-brownish eyeliner across the tops of my lids.

3. Concealer: A tip I learned is to apply your concealer after your eye make up.  This cleans up any fall out you may have had from your eyeshadow, and you can also make the outer line where your eyeshadows end more clean cut by running your concealer next to your shadows.  I used my favorite concealer of the moment, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer.  Run your blending brush over that line a few times to avoid too harsh of a line. I set my concealer using MAC's Pro Powder in Emphasize. This helps to brighten the face a bit, and Andi always has a bright looking complexion.

4. Powder/Bronzer/Blush:  After my foundation has had a moment to sink into my skin, I set it using my Hourglass Powder in Diffused Light (my obsession as you guys know...).  Andi's cheeks look natural with a bit of a contour.  For this, I used my Chanel Bronze Universal with an angled contour brush and on the tops of my cheek bones I applied MAC's Blush in Gingerly.  A warm blush with the perfect amount of color.  I skipped the highlighter because Andi's glow looks as if it's coming from within, and the cream bronzer gives that effect.  I skipped the glittery shimmery highlighter for this look.

5. Mascara: Long, feathery lashes are the focus here.  I chose my Maybelline Falsies mascara in Blackest Black for a classic look.

6. Eyebrows: Andi's eyebrows are full and have a natural shape.  No arches here so I kept it simple.  I filled them in using a dark brown powder with an angled eyeliner brush.

7. Lips: Ah, her signature nude lip.  I used Urban Decay Naked 2 lipliner, Urban Decay Naked 2 Revolution lipstick, and a Buxom nude gloss over top.  I blended all of those out with my finger to make the lips appear softer but still glossy.

If you're interested in re-creating Andi's look, I hope you find these tips helpful!  
Are you happy Andi chose Josh??? :-) 

xoxo, Molly


  1. Oh my gosh I didn't know you liked the Bachelorette too! I've been OBSESSED with this season, and I'm sooo happy she chose Josh! Do you like the bronze universal? Is it worth the money?

    1. I loved Josh since the start!!! :-) The BU is amazing, not going to lie. If the color was a bit less red I would absolutely 100% recommend it!!! Sonia Kushik makes a cream bronzer I am wanting to try!

  2. Love Andi's makeup look. Thanks for breaking it down!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Anglea

  3. I was team Nick all the way and I was glad he called her out. I have heard, though I have not tried, that the lighter shade of the Sonia Kashuk cream bronzer is a close dupe for the Chanel bronzer. Perhaps you could show us some of your favorite dupes? :)

  4. I have heard the same... Haven't brought myself to buying it because I haven't 100% mastered the whole cream bronzer thing. Workin' on it... :-)