Friday, November 14, 2014

Foundation Friday | MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation

MAKE UP FOR EVER - HD Invisible Cover Foundation
MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I decided to do something a little different with Lipstick For Laughs.  I want to start doing more product specific reviews, and I thought that a fun series would be a good way to incorporate those! And what is more exciting to review than foundations?!  Also, guess what... I have a lot of them. :) They are probably my most favorite makeup item purchase.  I guess I'm just always in search of something that will make my skin look.... well, good, really.  If you have a foundation you've been wanting to try but don't want to buy before trying it, leave it in the comments down below and I will do a review on it if I own it!

These are probably the most frequently asked questions that I get (once people know I love makeup) regarding makeup.  "What's the best foundation?" "What foundation do you use?" "Have you tried this foundation?" And I am always happy to give my personal opinions! Now, not every foundation that works for me will work for you, and vice versa.  It's fun to keep trying ones that accommodate with your skin type, and in turn you will find the perfect one for you!  My skin is dry, and I like a medium-full coverage foundation on most days. I also like when foundations have a dewy-luminous finish as opposed to matte or semi-matte.  For those of you reading this thinking "wait, I didn't know there was so much to this", remember this is a beauty blog, so I'm interested in these kinds of things. :)

Okay so let's get to the review.  I purchased this foundation about a month ago now, and I feel I have used it enough to give my honest opinion! I've always heard so much rave about this foundation from beauty bloggers and youtube guru's and it's about time I picked it up to try for myself. This foundation retails for 42$ at Sephora and MUFE stores and counters.  I was lucky enough to get it at 20% off during the Sephora Friends & Family sale (Thanks, Lane.. :)) so I bought this foundation for around 34$.  That's still a very high end foundation so I was expecting an awesome product.  This foundation comes in a broad range of 26 colors for all undertones and it does not contain an SPF.  I picked up the shade 120, which is honestly my lightest shade foundation.  I wish I had got one shade darker, just because I almost look a little washed out with the color I chose.  But I usually just add some bronzer, and I'm good. The description on states:

"An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.This foundation creates a soft-focus effect, which is designed to meet the coverage concerns of those in the spotlight. It leaves your complexion with such a flawless finish, it can withstand bright or harsh lighting."

I agree with most of this description.  It's oil free, which is nice because it makes it thin and light weight.  I do get occasional breakouts, so oil free is good for me.  However, I also have dry skin, so when I see oil free I sometimes worry it will dry me out.  I found this foundation to be a rather moisturizing foundation even though it is oil free - which is really exciting!

Sephora describes this as a medium to full coverage foundation, and I would describe it more the lines of light-medium.  To get a full coverage application I would probably have to use 4 pumps of this product-which in my opinion is too much to use in a single application.  Personally, it doesn't give me enough coverage to cover up acne scars, but I can take care of that with some concealer Just to give you an idea, I usually use about 2 pumps of my foundations.  

Now, the reason why I AM a fan of this foundation is because of it's finish.  It has such a unique finish on the skin that I have not been able to find in any of my other foundations.  It's luminous but without being shiny or sparkly.  It's the type of foundation where I don't need to apply a powder and I would be perfectly happy with it's finish.  It doesn't oxidize on the skin, and it really does create a soft focus effect on the skin - which makes it lovely for photographs and for special occasions.  I think this would be a great foundation for someone starting out with makeup or high end foundations.  It's gives a decent amount of coverage without making you look over done.  It does not contain SPF, making it not the safest to wear in the sun.  If you do wear day-to-day, wear a moisturizing SPF underneath. 

All in all, I would give this foundation a ranking of 3.5 out of 5.  

Does anyone have any requests?

xx, Molly :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Skincare Routine!!

Colder weather is upon is... gracious it even snowed last night (I'm writing this post ahead of posting it.. ha)! With a different temperature outside comes crazy times with my skin.  My skin becomes tight and uncomfortable when I don't treat it right--which leads to breakouts, uneven texture, and unbalanced skin.  So, I have to take care of it! And heck, even when I do take care of it I get breakouts.  Nonetheless, many of you have asked me what my favorite skincare products are, and I'm finally ready to share my entire routine! 

It's taken me a while to really find products that I love and that work for my skin type.  I have combination/dry skin that can sometimes be sensitive, and I struggle with breakouts, especially on my chin/mouth area--this also results in post acne brown spots that DON'T GO AWAY--ugh. (Can you tell I'm bitter?)  I don't like products with too much alcohol or fragrances, and I try to use mineral oil free products because any time I use a product with that ingredient I get cystic acne. Woah, what a mouthful, now do you see why it took me forever to find products that work for me?

Skincare is the base for everything else you put on your face.  It's going to let your makeup go on more smoothly, and it's actually going to protect your face from your makeup.  You never want to apply your makeup unless you've moisturized your face properly.  If you're reading this and thinking *well crap*, then try it for yourself--I promise you'll notice a difference!  And here's your warning...If you think a lot of steps in your routine is ridiculous and you may judge me, then you may want to stop reading now.  :) 

Here's a bit of a disclaimer here: I'm no genius on skincare, nor have I had any training, and I'm also no esthetician.  I enjoy learning about this subject, therefore I've done research on my own time, and I like to try out certain products for myself and see how they all differ.  

Okay enough rambling, however, this will be a lengthy post, so grab some hot cocoa and relax for a bit. :)

My steps for the evening: 

1. Pre-Cleanse : Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Melting Cleanser 

2. Cleanse and/or exfoliate : Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser

3. Treatment : Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Treatment and/or Salicylic Acid spot treatment 

4. Serum/oils : Algenist Age Repairing Oil (I don't do this step every night, only if I need extra moisturizing) 

5. Moisturizer : Eucerin Q-10 Sensitive Anti Wrinkle Cream or Ole Henrikson Nurture Me

1) The Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Melting Cleanser is a wonderful first step.  This enables me to get ALL of my makeup off before actually cleansing my skin.  It smells of oranges, and is soothing and hydrating to my skin.  It also contains vitamin C and primrose oil so it brightens and nourishes the skin.  I apply it to a dry face and massage it in, then add water and it turns milky, then rinse.  

2) Now you are ready to cleanse the skin! I love the Sheiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser because it makes my skin feel so clean without stripping it.  The smell is a pretty strong fragrance, but I don't know what it is about it, I love the smell.  Usually I hate strong smells--but this is different! I actually started using this when Ryan and I got married so the smell reminds me of our Antigua honeymoon. :) 

3) This is my favorite part of my routine because this product is the product that has changed it ALL for me! This is my most favorite skin care product, and I recommend it to everyone because it addresses so many skin care needs.  The Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Treatment is a green gel formula that contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex including glycolic acid and lactic acid.  This little miracle product has helped my acne SO much.  I still get occasional breakouts, but it's much better now.  It has also helped even out my skin tone and texture, and has helped fade my post acne scars.  It also contains glycerin which helps hydrate your skin and keep your skin glowing.  It tingles a bit when you first apply it, but once you start using it every night, the tingling goes away.  If you'd like to address any needs that I mentioned I have--GET THIS! 

* I have to mention too that with certain products, don't expect miracles over night.  I used this night treatment gel for about a month before I realized that my acne had stopped around my mouth/chin area and that my dark spots were fading. Don't give up, and truly give a product some time. 

4) Serum/oils: This is a step I don't do every night.  I haven't used a serum that I really like, and I haven't really been looking for one.  I actually think of my Night Treatment Gel as a serum because it's extremely concentrated, moisturizing, and fights against aging.  Now, I do use an oil every once in a while when I need some extra care.  The Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil is my favorite.  When I use this, my skin is smoother, more balanced, and clearer when I wake up.  

5) Moisturizing is so important.  It's the thing that seals the deal, and helps your skin feel comfortable and nourished.  I love using something rich enough to repair my dry skin, but I also want it to sink in.  I don't want it to just lay on top of my skin and never absorb.  I've found these two moisturizers to do just that.  And they are both SUPER rich! The Eucerin Q-10 Sensitive Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream is simple--not many ingredients, no fragrance, leaves a semi matte finish, and is HIGHLY nourishing.  Plus it's only 10 dollars from the drugstore.  It's a great budget option.  The Ole Henrikson Nuture Me is rich and soothing.  It smells like creamsicles, and contains vitamins and oils that nourish and comfort the skin.  It's amazing for night time, and I actually feel that this moisturizer has helped fade my dark spots as well.  

My steps for the morning: 

1. Cleanse : Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Melting Cleanser
2. Eye Cream : Olay Total Effects CC Eye Cream ... nothing fancy here.  It depuffs my eyes and is gentle enough for this area!

3. Moisturize : For day time, I like something light that does the job.  The Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 Moisturizing Face Lotion has a high SPF and is light on my skin while still providing me with a good amount of moisture. 

That's all, folks! What skincare products do you love??? Anyone have any suggestions??? 

xx, molly :)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sephora F&F and VIB Rouge sale!!

It's that time of year again!! The fall is always an exciting time for make up junkies because it's always the time for Sephora sales.  Yes, sales!  Sales don't happen at Sephora (or like ANY make up counter unless you have a special coupon, ha) often--in fact only about 2-3 times a year.  

Many thanks to Lane for giving me a promo coupon for the Friends & Family sale! Don't fret if you didn't get a chance to get a F&F coupon because Sephora is having their VIB/VIB Rouge sale the 2nd week in November.  Since I received this 20% off from Lane in an online coupon and a in-store coupon, I decided to pick up some of my favorite items, and also get some things I've been wanting to try for a while!  Here's what I picked up in two embarrassingly large hauls...

haul 1:
1) Benefit Holiday blush palette (Holiday collection)
2) Hourglass Ambient Blush palette (Limited Edition)
3) NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation (New!)
4) Two Faced La Belle Carousel (Holiday collection)

haul 2:
1) St. Tropez Self Tanner starting kit (A new obsession!!)
2) Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe (holy grail!)
3) MUFE HD foundation in 120 (has been on my wish list forever)
4) Marc Jacobs Beauty Face Brush #2 (NO WORDS, amazing!!!)
5) Ole Henrikson face wipes in Nurture Me MakeUp Removing and Clean Truth Brightening

 Ambient Blush Palette

 Benefit blush palette


This brush is so dense and it blends any foundation in flawlessly! I would never pay full price for it, but with a discount I can't deny. :) 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's FALL!!

HELLOOO! It's been so long, guys.  For that, I apologize!  But, I'm back! And I have some really exciting things planned.  For now, since Fall is here, I thought I would show you some of my favorites for the season!  You know the drill. :-)


1. Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath - one of my favorites for fall, and I do love my baths!  
2. Murad Clarifying Toner - with the weather back and forth, it has my skin going crazy.  My t-zone is oily, and my cheeks are dry... this helps even it out and keeps my skin fresh!
3. Nuance Firming Neck and Chest Balm - because I can always justify adding another step to my beloved skin care routine ... this is one serious moisturizer, and I love using it on my dry hands this season!
4. Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask - soothing, hydrating, calming... you need this.  
5. Tarte Maracuja Oil - helps even out my fall combination skin.  Oil counteracts oil... this stuff is awesome!
6. MAC Fix + - I wrote about this product a couple posts back.  I was a little on the fence, but not I can't get enough!  It revitalizes everything about dull, dry skin! I love it. 
7. Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream - because everyone needs a nourishing body lotion that smells like vanilla and other yummy stuffs. 

Make Up:

8. Lip Liners - in Venom, Most Natural, and Naked2 - I love filling these in and wearing them as my lip color, not just lip liners.  They stay on forever, and they are perfect colors for fall. 
9. Bite Agave Lip Mask in Champagne - An everlasting lip balm, with a hint of pink shimmer, perfect for the colder weather. 
10. Essie nailpolish in Bahama Mama - this is been on my nails for almost three weeks straight! 
11. YSL Touche Clat - a hydrating foundation, my top pick for the colder months.  This is a pricey foundation, so I only have it in one shade, and I cannot WAIT to pick it back up here in a few weeks when I'm completely back to my normal fall/winter pale self (woo hoo)!
12. Lip Colors - Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Heritage, Sephora Collection Rouge Shine #46, and MAC lipstick in Craving - because these shades are perfect for fall and they are beauuuutiful.

That's all I have for your tonight.  What are you obsessing over this fall??

xoxo, Molly 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Highlight and Contour Routine!

Today I am going to share with you my everyday highlight and contour routine! I used to highlight and contour for only special occasions, but I became a little addicted to it!  I ended up creating an everyday look that tones and shapes my face, and most importantly, natural looking for everyday makeup wear!  Remember this, highlighting and contouring should look natural!! Am I guilty of going a bit overboard at times? Yes.  Like I said, I get a little too into it.  Butttttt...overall I know it's important to keep it natural.  No one should look at your makeup and say "wow, your contour looks so good!".  Haha, kind of defeats the purpose of people actually thinking you have perfectly sculpted cheek bones. ;-) Yes yes, I am jealous of those of you who do, because we know you're out there.  

Okay, enough of ranting.  Let's get to it.  My favorite products will be listed below.

Highlighting and things to remember:

1. Grab a concealer that will conceal under eye circles.  Also grab a concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin tone (pink brightens and cancels out purple tones and a yellow-based concealer may look more natural over top of a pink toned concealer).

2. Use a lighter color (almost white-ish) powder to set concealer. Be careful with this, if you use a translucent powder that absorbs oil it could make your under eye area appear dry and cakey.

3. Use a shimmery highlighting powder to pat over areas of the face where light is most likely to hit.  These areas include: middle of forehead, bridge of nose, upper lip, middle of chin, and high points of cheek bones.

4. Let's not forget the tools needed for this look! A sponge will flawlessly blend your concealer into your foundation or skin.  No sponge compares to the original Beauty Blender! ... when I find a dupe I'll let you know. :-) For now, It's worth the price tag.  A small brush will do the trick for highlighting the high points of your face.  My favorite brush for this is the Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush, but honestly any small brush will do.  

My highlighting picks:
- Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in "Brightening" $
- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in "Sand" $
- MAC Cosmetics shaping powder in Emphasize $$
- Beauty Blender sponge $$
- MAC Cosmetics Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft & Gentle $$

Contouring and things to remember:

1. Find a bronzer a couple shades darker than your skin tone.  Don't go overboard on this, this is just a natural shadow on your face.  If you use something too red or too muddy, it will not look natural!  See below for my bronzer pick. 

2. Suck your face in like you're making a fish face.  Say hello to your cheek bones! We are going to contour right around this area, making sure to not come below the outer edge of the iris of our eyes. Sounds complicated--basically go halfway down your cheek and nothing more. A lot of people make the mistake of dragging their contour all the way down their cheek bones, and in my opinion this can look unnatural. 

3. Remember you are creating depth and structure to your face.  Apply your bronzer in these areas: your cheek bones, temples, below lip, and the top of your forehead.  Be careful to not apply too much on the very top though... it can drag your forehead down and make you looked smushed! :-)

4. And the very last thing... BLEND! We don't want to have crazy harsh lines.  Blend those contours out so everything looks nice and even.  Viola! You're done!

My contouring picks:
-Benefit Hoola bronzer $$
-Benefit Hoola brush $$
-Duo Fiber brush for blending $

Picture Steps: 

1. Apply your pink tone concealer.

 2. Blend with sponge.

3. Apply yellow toned concealer to high points of face in a V shape following your cheek bones. This will give you an instant face lift! Yeah, you'll look kind of crazy. :-)

 4. Blend, blend blend!

5. See what a difference only that has made!

6. Apply a bronzer to hollows of cheek bones.

 7. And to other points of the face you'd like to tone.

8. I love me some Hoola!

9. Now to set and highlight. Grab your powder. 

10. Set with your powder and add shimmery highlighter to any part of the face that light would naturally hit (high points of cheeks, above eyebrow, top lip, bridge of nose, middle of forehead).

11. We're done! 


Other makeup worn:
Loreal True Match Foundation mixed withYSL Touche EClat 
Naked2 Basics Palette
MAC Cosmetics Ravishing Lipstick with clear gloss on top.

Everyone have a great week! xoxo, Molly :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My thoughts on Living Proof...

Hair lovers, rejoice!  

After including the Living Proof Restore Shampoo & Conditioner in my favorites post, I had several readers ask for a more in depth review of the products.  You may ask, are these products worth the splurge?  Is there a drugstore option that works just as great?  Now, I am not one to buy expensive shampoo & conditioner.  In fact, these were given to me as a gift from my mom after she found she was allergic to an ingredient in these products.  I was pumped to try them--especially since I have blonde (which can sometimes be over processed and dry) hair.  So, the restore line was great for me to try.  I found that after 4 weeks of using ONLY this shampoo and conditioner my hair has changed for the better!  Now, I just got it highlighted last week, so it's a bit drier now, but I have no doubt that with continued use of these products it will bounce right back.  I have never been so pleased with a shampoo and conditioner!

Next up is the Living Proof Prime Style Extender.  This stuff smells amazing and gives you a super smooth blow-out.  BUT, I bought it to extend my styling.  And, I don't think it does much for that.  Sad day.  I will use it until it's gone because it provides heat protection... but for the hefty price tag it's just not worth it... in my opinion!!!  

Ah, the famous Living Proof Perfect Hair Day--described as a "5-in-1 styling treatment."  I like this stuff a lot.  It actually reminds me of the style extender but with more benefits.  This will condition, volumize, strengthen, provide smoothness, and polish your hair in one easy step.  I feel like this product has helped the health of my hair and I've enjoyed using it.  But, my Moroccan Oil Light also does all of those steps... and I don't like to weigh my hair down with a zillion products, so I would not re-purchase. 

Those are just some of my personal opinions of the Living Proof hair range.  I want to try more products within the "restore" line, since I loved the shampoo & conditioner so much!

Find the line here on I'm dying to try the new Instant Texture Mist! 

What are your MUST HAVE hair products?  I'd love to know!
Have a great week, everyone. :-)

xoxo, Molly

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you buy one thing this month...

So, normally I'm not one to boast about primers.  I actually thought they didn't do anything until I started using the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15  and was amazed at how much longer my makeup stayed on.  So, I did some research on other primers, and I found this one to be brand new from TwoFaced: the HangoveRx Replenishing Face Primer.  Let me tell you... it does not disappoint.  I am currently obsessed with it!

Here is the description from A replenishing face primer that hydrates, smoothes, and brightens skin for a dewy, healthy looking finish. Cure your next beauty hangover with Hangover, a revolutionary makeup primer that's infused with coconut water, a probiotic-based ingredient, and skin revivers which work together to boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity, and help hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, longer, and more flawless wear. Too Faced harnessed the science of hydration to create a creamy, penetrating primer that acts like an energy drink for the skin by replenishing moisture levels. It can be worn alone for a dewy, healthy looking finish, or under bronzers, foundations, and powders to create the perfect canvas. 

Sign me up!

This primer does exactly what the description says.  I apply it right after my moisturizer, and it sinks into the skin quickly.  The smell is amazing...just like coconut milk.  It makes my skin feel comfortable and hydrated all day long, AND makes my makeup last all day.  I even think it's helped my skin become brighter!  I also love wearing it alone without makeup.  It makes my skin look and feel healthy.  I love it!

xoxo, Molly :-)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Impression Review | Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today I have a first impression review on the (semi) new glosses by YSL.  When these came out I couldn't wait to get my hands on one.  With a whopping price tag of 32$ I picked up only one.  I actually went into Nordstrom with the mindset that if this gloss wasn't amazing, I would return it.  Well days later, I couldn't justify the price, and it went back to Nordy's.  BUT, in the glosses defense I think I grabbed a not-so-great color.  I picked up color 203 Coral Gondoura, anddddd it looked just like my lips but more shiny.  I did love the scent.  It smelled like fresh watermelon.  But, for 32$ I couldn't keep a gloss because of the scent, ha.  

Within the next couple months I started hearing more hype about these glosses.  I never got a chance to go back to Nordstrom and check them out (Nordstrom was in Atlanta, not where I lived), so I didn't pick any back up.  Pretty soon I was able to swatch them in Sephora!

Last week, at the VIB Rouge event, I was able to grab this sample pack of three of the colors.  I thought I could do a first impression/review of my thoughts! Enjoy! :-)

So the package include three shades: a muted pink-nude shade with gold "shimmer", a bright fuchsia color with gold "shimmer", and a bright coral color.  

It came with a sample brush which imitates the brush the glosses come with.  It was specifically designed to hug your lips for proper and precise application.  My opinion? This isn't needed.  I usually blend my glosses out with my fingers anyways... but, it's YSL.  What do you expect? 

N*19 Rose Orfevre : I usually love a nude pink shade.  And if you throw in some shimmer, I'm sold! But, this isn't just shimmer, this is gold chunks.  I felt as if my lips were chapped while I was wearing this.  It wore off pretty quickly as well... probably because I kept messing with it, because it was pretty uncomfortable to wear.  


N*49 Terriblement Fuchsia : This color... gorgeousness.  This shade also had some shimmer, BUT it was nothing like N*19.  This was a good amount of shimmer, shimmer I can handle, haha.  I actually think I may pick this shade up.  It is a unique color--not just something you can find a dupe for at the drugstore.  It wore for a long time, was non-sticky, and it smelled of the famous YSL watermelon scent. :-) 


N*204 Corail Trapeze : This color was also a winner.  I don't think it was as unique a shade as N*49, but I still liked it.  This shade had so shimmer and was just very shiny and glossy.  It smelled wonderful and wore for a long time.  It is a perfect color for summer!


When I first swatched these I thought, wow all of these colors are so much better than the first shade I bought, haha.  The verdict: each gloss has different pigmentation and formula, they smell amazing, they are pretty long wearing, the original packaging is stunning, but watch out for chunks of glitter.  I would suggest trying them at Sephora before purchasing. :-)

Check out the glosses here.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  What do you think?  Will you be picking these up?

xoxo, Molly 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Favorites!

Happy Thursday!  It has been SUCH a crazy two weeks for me and Ryan!  We are moving to Greenville TOMORROW, and we have had so much to do!  We went to Isle of Palms Sunday-Tuesday for a quick get-a-way before more moving madness.  We thought, well, when is the next time we will both be unemployed? (God willing, hopefully not for a while!)  Ryan starts his job this coming Monday, and I am still looking for an opportunity.  Long story short, we wanted a quick vacation before real world started again.  

Anywho, today I have for you my July Favorites! I'll keep my thoughts brief as we still have some crazy packing to do before tomorrow, AND Ryan is taking me out to dinner for my birthday tonight so I've got to get ready! :)

1. Living Proof Restore Shampoo & Conditioner: Okay, so I'm not one to purchase shampoo and conditioner if it's NOT at the drugstore (what's the point it just goes down the shower drain?) BUT, these two products have changed my hair for the better.  When I recently cut it shorter after the wedding, over styling made it super dry.  These have helped tremendously just in the short few weeks I've used them.  Big fan! 

2. Moroccan Oil Light: A holy grail product for me... oh wait, I was without it for 6 months.  So i've probably gone through 2 whole bottles of this stuff.  But, for the last couple months I haven't had the opportunity to buy it because I don't think anywhere in Macon sells it (and every time I go to ATL I forget... sad.)  Anywho, I finally got my hands on it and once again, my hair is happy.  Blonde girls, get the light version... my hair drinks it up and isn't heavy.  It's worth the splurge. :-)

3. St. Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion in Coconut Milk and Orchid Extract: I picked this up from the drugstore after seeing some hype.  Best 5 dollars ever spent.  Okay, thats a bit dramatic, but I really really love this stuff. Sinks right in, moisturizes, and smells fantastic. Quick tip, using this while your self tanning keeps your tan from getting splotchy.  Love it!

4. Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask: My clarifying mask of choice this month!  Since using up my Supermud Skin Clearing Treatment by Glamglow, I've been going back to all the masks I own that I haven't used up.  Absolutely love this one!  I forgot how well it works.  

5. Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment Mask: EEEK. I love this stuff. Dry skin girls, this will change your life!... actually just your face. It smells like honey and yummy stuff. 

6. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: For some reason, the skin around my eyes have been crazy dry lately.  Instead of piling on what normal cream I put around that delicate skin, I pulled this little guy out.  I use it in the winter when I have really dry skin.  3 days later, my eyes are back to normal! :-)

7. Pur-lisse SPF 30 Sunscreen Daily Moisturizer: I got this in my July Ipsy Bag! I really like it.  It provides lasting protection and is a great moisturizer. 

8. L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer: This is one of my favorite products from the drugstore (Holla if you'd like to see my other favorite drugstore products!!!) It's comparable to the Strobe Cream/Lotion from MAC, but it's lighter in consistency.  It easily makes your complexion look radiant and holds your makeup on longer than without using a primer.  

9. Lorac Pro 2 Palette: Oh how I love this palette.  Gorgeous cool-toned colors, creamy formula, great mattes.  Buy this. :-)

10. Two Faced Lipstick in Taffy: I've kept this in my purse for a few weeks, and I just love the natural color it gives and how moisturizing it is.  

11. MAC Lipstick in Sweet & Sour: This color is so fun!  You can really build it up or sheer it out.  The picture below is the color built up.  MAC never disappoints with their lipsticks. 

Well, I'm off to dinner for my birthday! 
Please comment below, and let me know what products you loved this month! :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Product RoundUp | Facial Sprays

So as you can probably see from my posts, I kind of have an obsession with facial sprays.  They have so many uses!  I use them them for toners, for extra hydration, for making makeup last, or as just a pick-me-up during the day when my makeup or skin is feeling a bit... well, blah.  Here are my favorites (actually all of the ones I own, haha) and I'll share with you how I use them. :-)

1. Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray : This is part of the makeup setting spray line by Urban Decay. This one is called "Chill" for the reason that it works along with the temperature to control how your makeup rests on your face.  Strange? Yeah I thought so too.  I'm not so sure it keeps your makeup feeling "chilled" all day, but it is great for cooling and hydrating right when you apply it.  I have skin more on the dryer side, which is why I went for this one over the one designed for oily skin.  I think it's great for keeping your makeup put,  and I will definitely re-purchase. 

2. Caudalie Beauty Elixer : If you love reading other beauty blogs like I do, I'm sure you've heard of this little gem.  I'm not exactly sure what this stuff does, but I just like it.  It is a part-toner, part-serum mist packed with essential oils, and my skin loves it.  I re-purchased it because when I ran out, my skin missed it.  It smells amazing.  I think it's like a little magic potion.  My best friend, Lane, works at Sephora and she was telling me all about it one day.  If you know Lane, ask her what the story is on it. :-)

3. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater : This is probably the most all-purpose of the sprays I own.  You can use it to hydrate your face/skin, you can use it to set your makeup, or your can use it on your dry hair throughout the day.  Out of all those uses, I find it best for adding a bit of hydration into my skincare routine.  It's very refreshing, and it's great for soothing sunburn!  The mister isn't the best, it comes out a little strong, but for the price, I can get over that. 

4. MAC Fix + : I had high, high hopes for this spray.  But, I think it may be breaking me out.  It smells amazing, and feels amazing, but I started developing these little tiny bumps on my forehead and this was the only thing I changed in my routine.  I've stopped using it and they are going away.  Sad day.  But, I love the way it makes my skin feel... so hydrated!  The good news is, it's very good for using on your brushes when you want your eyeshadows more vibrant.  You can dip your brush into the shadow and then spray the Fix + onto the brush, and when you apply it, you have gorgeous color!  

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray : You've read about this one before!  Great for making your makeup last.  Spray it before you apply your foundation, spray it after you apply... viola! 

6. Dermalogica Antioxidant Hydramist : This is the most "age-friendly" out of all the sprays.  Dermalogica is just an awesome skin-care brand all around.  Everything I try by them, I end up loving!  This spray is no exception.  Great for adding hydration and relieving your skin of that "tight-feeling."  I keep this small bottle in my purse.  It's amazing for an afternoon pick-me-up. :-) Plus, it protects against free radicals.  This is my top pick out of all the sprays I own!  

Have you tried any you love? Please share your favorites!!

xoxo, Molly