Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Make-Up Storage and Organization

It has taken me a long time to perfect my make-up collection, and goodness, I'm still working on it as we speak.  I am always hunting for that perfect foundation, the most pigmented and blendable eyeshadows, and the make-up brush I can't do my make-up without!

The way that I organize my make-up collection in my "dressing room" as I call it (aka our guest room, haha) is extremely important to me. Looking at a wonderfully organized make-up collection gives me pure joy! It's an odd fascination, but I adore it!  If you have a lot of make-up, why not organize it so that you can see all of it and actually be reminded to use it? This is why I've taken the time to find organizers and pieces that make organizing and storing make-up easy and effective.

I really have the most trouble organizing my samples as well as lipstick and lipglosses!  As many of you know, I am obsessed with lipstick (specifically pinky-nude shades which are currently taking over my purse at the moment but anyways...).  I am constantly adding to my collection (Ryan loves it obvi), and the space has just become so limited.  I'm still working on the most practical way to see and use all of my lipsticks and lipglosses!  If you have any recommendations please feel free to comment!

Here are some pictures of my make-up collection and the way I've chosen to store a few things! 

This is about as clean as it gets people...

Whats a make-up vanity unless it's rough around the edges? *scrubs concealer off of glass* :)

The extra drawers on my vanity are filled with eyebrow products, concealers, lipbalms, single eyeshadows, mascara, and small foil samples! 

These are my babies, people.  My most favorite make-up product -- foundation!!

Just in case anyone wanted a close up of my dirty brushes, here ya go...

Recycled Anthropologie candles are perfect to hold brushes!

These are only my favorite "higher end" lipglosses.  I wasn't brave enough to photograph all of them...

As you can see, I have a thing for Chanel and Buxom glosses -- nothing compares! They are the best.

The Alex chest from Ikea is perfect for organizing, especially since it has different sized drawers.

These are a few of my blushes and powder products.  I have separate drawers for my bronzer's and highlighter's!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Another great option for any of your storage needs would be self-storage through a company such as MakeSpace!  Sometimes not everything can fit in your house. :)

xoxo, molly

Friday, March 25, 2016

eyebrows | product review

Hi, everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying this warmer weather we are starting to get here in South Carolina.  (Finally!) Today I wanted to share with you what I use on my eyebrows and how EASY the products are to use.  This isn't necessarily a tutorial, but more of a review.  I change up what I do quite often and have typically stuck with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and ABH Brow Gel when filling and shaping my brows.  However, have ya'll SEEN what's been up at the drugstores lately?  The drugstores are definately stepping their game up - and I'm falling for them!! I didn't even purchase these products with the intent of using them everyday.  I just sort of picked them up impulsively.  Now, they are my go - to, and I don't know when I'll switch up my routine again!

1. Loreal Brow Stylist Definer in Brunette 6.99 @ Walmart
This product is SUPER similar from the ABH Brow Wiz but way more affordable and just as good.  It's super creamy so when you blend out with the spooly that comes on the other side, it looks lovely! Not to mention, the spooly is pretty fantastic! The blonde shade was way too light for me so I returned it and got the brunette shade and it's perfect. 

2. NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in Blonde 6.99 @ Ulta
 This product was something I bought a while ago and through in the back of my drawer, not expecting to one day use it and fall in love with it! It's SO easy to use.  Just dip a thin eye brush like the one in the picture below and sweep it to shape the brow.  Since it's a pomade it also acts like a gel. 


I use the pomade first, and then go back in with the Brow Stylist and fill in any parts that need some extra attention.  The Brow Stylist has a super fine tip so it literally mimics hair when you apply it slow and steady! Blend everything out with the spooly. 

As always, thank you for reading!! xo, molly

Monday, October 5, 2015

If I had to pick one...

"If you had to pick one _____ , what would you choose?" is a question I've received recently, and I thought, how fun would a blog post be about this??  What a great question, as I'm constantly searching for those wonderful products that live up to the hype, or that I've discovered myself and cannot let them go...  So, here's the burning question answered for a few categories.  Enjoy!

Make-up brand to use ... So tough.  Probably Lancome, they have just got it figured out. I like pretty much like everything I've tried by them.

Foundation to wear ... Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk.

Skincare item to use ... Some sort of gentle exfoliating moisturizer.  Possibly the Clinique Turnaround Overnight Cream.  I've been loving it recently!

Mascara to wear ... Maybelline the Falsies.  It's just the best.........

Lipstick to wear ... MAC Cosmetics Creme Cup. I've gone through tubes and tubes...

Eyeshadow palette to wear ... Oh!! Urban Decay Naked Original.  Keep it simple...

Bronzer to wear ... Soleil De Tan Chanel Cream Bronzer. Swooooon.

Highlighter to wear ... Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Highlighter.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review | Boscia Black Collection

I received this as a Sephora 500-point perk and was really excited about it! I love the Boscia brand, and a lot of things I've tried by them I've ended up loving.  When I saw that this set came with a cleanser, a mask, and a moisturizer I knew it was a good time to use up some of my points!  I used these three products consectively for a week or so.  After that, my skin wasn't responding the way I wanted it to, so I stopped.  Here are my brief thoughts on each of them... 

1. Detoxifying Black Cleanser - This cleanser was supposed to be a "detox" for your skin.  I was hoping it would get rid of blackheads in a flash, and really clean deep into my pores.  I think this cleanser cleaned TOO deep into my skin, so deep that it actually started making my pores look really rough and enlarged.  It was also very drying, something a cleanser should NOT be.  

2. Luminizing Black Mask - This was a fun little perk in the kit.  I love a good mask!  I also love trying different masks.  This one is a peel off mask, which I'm not a super big fan of, but I went with it anyways.  You must generally apply this in order for it to peel off easily.  When it does peel off, it takes off little tiny peach fuzz hairs, which sort of hurts, but does leave your face SO smooth!  Whatever doesn't peel off, you can wash off with water, but that is harder.  My face was sore afterwards, but I did notice that it look away the look of pores and cleaned my skin.  Woo hoo? No pain, no gain? I'm indifferent.

3. Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel - This was my favorite part of the kit!  I was excited about using a "treatment" that would stay on the skin.  This product actually is black, with tiny sparkles in it.  The sparkles aren't bad, they actually are so tiny I didn't mind the little glow.  The black takes some getting used to, and I actually didn't try this moisturizer during the day because I was afraid it would leave a black tint, ha.  This lotion was very soothing and cooling on the skin.  It sunk in quickly and felt nice on my skin.  It wasn't enough hydration for me since I have dry skin, but I think it would be amazing for someone with oily acne prone skin.  I think the cooling feeling would really sooth irritated skin as well.  If you fit into this category, definitely give it a go! 

I love trying new products! 

Have a good week. :-)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Review | Simple Cleansing Micellar Water

Cleansing water!! That sounds amazing to me.  Simple and easy.  And that is exactly what I had in mind when I purchased this product from a local Walgreens.  I had high hopes, as I've heard bloggers everywhere RAVE about Bioderma and how it is so gentle and removes every trace of dirt, oil, and makeup.  This is the same type of micellar water that Bioderma is, except this is only $7 at the drugstore, whereas Bioderma is a) a few dollars more for a smaller bottle, and b) near impossible to get your hands on.  This Simple Micellar Water was also in the "new" area of walgreens, so I thought it was worth a shot to try, especially since it was 6.7 fl oz.  

I tried this at home the first day I got it, and it removed a lot of my face makeup product.  However, I had to drench my cotton round, and by the time I was done, I felt as if I was basically whisping a makeup saturated cotton round all over my face.  I didn't really feel like I was getting it off.  The second time I used it I decided to use two cotton rounds instead of one.  This worked better for me, but it still wasn't super "easy".  I also didn't think it removed my eye makeup very well.  I refused to scrub hard over my eyes, and thus, gave up, because the sweeping I was doing wasn't getting the job done.  Not cool!

I think this product is great for freshening up after a workout, or mid way through the day if you don't wear a lot of makeup.  I also think its good for a gentle cleanse at the end of your day if you DIDN'T wear any makeup that day.   However, I will be sticking to my Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup and cleansing my skin with my normal cleanser (which i'm obsessed with, I'll have to update you guys...).  :)


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review | LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant

I'm back, guys! It's been a bit, I know.  Life got a little busy for a while. ;) <see previous post> However, I'm motivated and feeling inspired lately, so I'm here to stay!  Short and sweet review today!


This. Stuff.  I'm just going to go ahead and say this quick - I LOVE IT!  Every lady needs this as a part of their life and on top of their vanity.  This is the best deodorant I have ever tried, and I will continue to purchase it over and over.  I think the smell is what really does it for me.  It smells like pure vanilla (hence the name....).  Sometimes I apply it at nighttime after a shower just because it is nice to fall asleep to.  The scent is pretty strong, but I don't mind it because I enjoy it so much.

This deodorant I tend to use sparingly, though.  It is $14 for 1.7 oz, which is a little on the high side, but it's expected since this isn't sold in drugstores.  It does not hold up against vigorous activity, such as working out or a long day at work, BUT, it does hold up throughout the majority of an eight hour work shift, and it is perfect for a date night!  Sometimes the smell is enough to just enjoy as your perfume (sounds odd I know), but I find when I mix this with another scent, its almost too much.  This stays fresh smelling, and doesn't mix with sweat to create a really fowl scent like you can sometimes get when you use Secret, or Dove. Do you guys know what I'm talking about?!  Oh come on, I can't be alone in this.  

Anyways, I'm all for this splurge! Talk soon...

molly <3

Friday, August 7, 2015

It's Been a While | Can't get enough of this lately...

Hey everyone!!! It has been a while, I know.  Life got a little crazy for a bit, and I really needed to put my time into some things so that I felt like a normal human being.  But, good news, I'm back!  And I'm feeling more inspired than ever!  So to start us up, I wanted to share a few products that I cannot get enough of lately, and they've all been STAYING on my face.  Okay, not literally, I take off my makeup every night.  But the next morning, you can bet they'll be back on. ;-)  I do this thing where I obsess over a product and can't put it down.  That's a good thing though! I love finding products to obsess over - it's the sign of holy grail!!

What I've been loving recently:

Two Faced Born this Way Foundation in Light Beige - An amazing full coverage foundation that's so light and airy, it feels like nothing is on your face! It also has coconut water in the ingredients, which keeps you hydrated and glowy all day long. 

BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop - Speaking of glow, this is literally the most GORG highlighter I've ever tried.  So creamy and the littlest goes a long ways.  If you're in the market for a highlighter, pick this shade up!  In the picture, I hit the tops of my cheeks, bridge of my nose, and a TEENY bit on my chin.  It was a hot day, so I knew if I sweated a little I would look like a disco ball...

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in Moonglow - Just a simple lipgloss that lasts forever and adds a bit of a "your lips but better" look. I love it! It's infused with peppermint, so I love putting it on. :)

Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer - I'm just coo-coo for coconuts lately I guess!  This primer is amazinggggg.  It was totally a splurge/impulse buy because let's face it, who gets excited about primers?  But, boy, am I glad I got it.  It smells amazing (think soft scent of coconuts), and feels like a mixture of the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and the Two Faced Hangover Primer (both I am a fan of).  I won't ever repurchase either of those two primers because this one tops them both.  It makes your makeup actually last, and it feels so good to apply!

Thank you so much for your understanding of my little break!  Today is my birthday, so I'm celebrating tonight! Hope you guys have an awesome weekend. ;)