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In summary: Hi everyone!  My name is Molly, and this is my blog.  Thank you for stopping by. I created this blog so that I could share beauty tips and tricks with you all.  I have a passion for all things beauty related, and I love to show off my favorite products as well share with you my sweet adventures with brides and other special occasion go-er's. I hope that you'll be a part of my journey and that I can help you find products you'll love.

The full story:  My name is Molly Holder, and I am a 26 year old with a passion for all things beauty!  I live in Greenville, SC with my husband, Ryan. Ryan and I love a lot of things, but the top of our list includes our Lord, our family, and our Essie, our 3 year old PUPPY.  Ryan and I met at the most fabulous university in the whole wide world, Clemson University!  Long story short, we became engaged, married each other 6 months later, and are now enjoying life as semi-newlyweds in the upstate of South Carolina!  We are truly blessed and are enjoying this journey.  

I became part of the blogging world about two years ago when I started watching beauty guru’s on YouTube.  I gathered information from each video and thought it would be fun to one day start a channel of my own.  I wasn’t sure where to start, but I knew I had to jump in and start somewhere.  I decided that a written blog would be a good place to begin.  So, Lipstick for Laughs was created!  I do not have any professional training, and all thoughts and opinions are what I have discovered on my own.  I created this blog for YOU, so that we can bask in the glorious beauty world together!
Enjoy, everyone. :-)

My love, Ryan and I.

This is our Essie-bean. :-)

...and just a few other things...

I like smiley's a lot. :-) .... 
I was never good at proof reading.
& I'm a lipstick hoarder. (Well, duh.)

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