Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Impression Review | Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today I have a first impression review on the (semi) new glosses by YSL.  When these came out I couldn't wait to get my hands on one.  With a whopping price tag of 32$ I picked up only one.  I actually went into Nordstrom with the mindset that if this gloss wasn't amazing, I would return it.  Well days later, I couldn't justify the price, and it went back to Nordy's.  BUT, in the glosses defense I think I grabbed a not-so-great color.  I picked up color 203 Coral Gondoura, anddddd it looked just like my lips but more shiny.  I did love the scent.  It smelled like fresh watermelon.  But, for 32$ I couldn't keep a gloss because of the scent, ha.  

Within the next couple months I started hearing more hype about these glosses.  I never got a chance to go back to Nordstrom and check them out (Nordstrom was in Atlanta, not where I lived), so I didn't pick any back up.  Pretty soon I was able to swatch them in Sephora!

Last week, at the VIB Rouge event, I was able to grab this sample pack of three of the colors.  I thought I could do a first impression/review of my thoughts! Enjoy! :-)

So the package include three shades: a muted pink-nude shade with gold "shimmer", a bright fuchsia color with gold "shimmer", and a bright coral color.  

It came with a sample brush which imitates the brush the glosses come with.  It was specifically designed to hug your lips for proper and precise application.  My opinion? This isn't needed.  I usually blend my glosses out with my fingers anyways... but, it's YSL.  What do you expect? 

N*19 Rose Orfevre : I usually love a nude pink shade.  And if you throw in some shimmer, I'm sold! But, this isn't just shimmer, this is gold chunks.  I felt as if my lips were chapped while I was wearing this.  It wore off pretty quickly as well... probably because I kept messing with it, because it was pretty uncomfortable to wear.  


N*49 Terriblement Fuchsia : This color... gorgeousness.  This shade also had some shimmer, BUT it was nothing like N*19.  This was a good amount of shimmer, shimmer I can handle, haha.  I actually think I may pick this shade up.  It is a unique color--not just something you can find a dupe for at the drugstore.  It wore for a long time, was non-sticky, and it smelled of the famous YSL watermelon scent. :-) 


N*204 Corail Trapeze : This color was also a winner.  I don't think it was as unique a shade as N*49, but I still liked it.  This shade had so shimmer and was just very shiny and glossy.  It smelled wonderful and wore for a long time.  It is a perfect color for summer!


When I first swatched these I thought, wow all of these colors are so much better than the first shade I bought, haha.  The verdict: each gloss has different pigmentation and formula, they smell amazing, they are pretty long wearing, the original packaging is stunning, but watch out for chunks of glitter.  I would suggest trying them at Sephora before purchasing. :-)

Check out the glosses here.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  What do you think?  Will you be picking these up?

xoxo, Molly 

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  1. Such an interesting little sample packet! What a great idea!