Monday, November 10, 2014

Skincare Routine!!

Colder weather is upon is... gracious it even snowed last night (I'm writing this post ahead of posting it.. ha)! With a different temperature outside comes crazy times with my skin.  My skin becomes tight and uncomfortable when I don't treat it right--which leads to breakouts, uneven texture, and unbalanced skin.  So, I have to take care of it! And heck, even when I do take care of it I get breakouts.  Nonetheless, many of you have asked me what my favorite skincare products are, and I'm finally ready to share my entire routine! 

It's taken me a while to really find products that I love and that work for my skin type.  I have combination/dry skin that can sometimes be sensitive, and I struggle with breakouts, especially on my chin/mouth area--this also results in post acne brown spots that DON'T GO AWAY--ugh. (Can you tell I'm bitter?)  I don't like products with too much alcohol or fragrances, and I try to use mineral oil free products because any time I use a product with that ingredient I get cystic acne. Woah, what a mouthful, now do you see why it took me forever to find products that work for me?

Skincare is the base for everything else you put on your face.  It's going to let your makeup go on more smoothly, and it's actually going to protect your face from your makeup.  You never want to apply your makeup unless you've moisturized your face properly.  If you're reading this and thinking *well crap*, then try it for yourself--I promise you'll notice a difference!  And here's your warning...If you think a lot of steps in your routine is ridiculous and you may judge me, then you may want to stop reading now.  :) 

Here's a bit of a disclaimer here: I'm no genius on skincare, nor have I had any training, and I'm also no esthetician.  I enjoy learning about this subject, therefore I've done research on my own time, and I like to try out certain products for myself and see how they all differ.  

Okay enough rambling, however, this will be a lengthy post, so grab some hot cocoa and relax for a bit. :)

My steps for the evening: 

1. Pre-Cleanse : Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Melting Cleanser 

2. Cleanse and/or exfoliate : Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser

3. Treatment : Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Treatment and/or Salicylic Acid spot treatment 

4. Serum/oils : Algenist Age Repairing Oil (I don't do this step every night, only if I need extra moisturizing) 

5. Moisturizer : Eucerin Q-10 Sensitive Anti Wrinkle Cream or Ole Henrikson Nurture Me

1) The Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Melting Cleanser is a wonderful first step.  This enables me to get ALL of my makeup off before actually cleansing my skin.  It smells of oranges, and is soothing and hydrating to my skin.  It also contains vitamin C and primrose oil so it brightens and nourishes the skin.  I apply it to a dry face and massage it in, then add water and it turns milky, then rinse.  

2) Now you are ready to cleanse the skin! I love the Sheiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser because it makes my skin feel so clean without stripping it.  The smell is a pretty strong fragrance, but I don't know what it is about it, I love the smell.  Usually I hate strong smells--but this is different! I actually started using this when Ryan and I got married so the smell reminds me of our Antigua honeymoon. :) 

3) This is my favorite part of my routine because this product is the product that has changed it ALL for me! This is my most favorite skin care product, and I recommend it to everyone because it addresses so many skin care needs.  The Ole Henrikson Invigorating Night Treatment is a green gel formula that contains an Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex including glycolic acid and lactic acid.  This little miracle product has helped my acne SO much.  I still get occasional breakouts, but it's much better now.  It has also helped even out my skin tone and texture, and has helped fade my post acne scars.  It also contains glycerin which helps hydrate your skin and keep your skin glowing.  It tingles a bit when you first apply it, but once you start using it every night, the tingling goes away.  If you'd like to address any needs that I mentioned I have--GET THIS! 

* I have to mention too that with certain products, don't expect miracles over night.  I used this night treatment gel for about a month before I realized that my acne had stopped around my mouth/chin area and that my dark spots were fading. Don't give up, and truly give a product some time. 

4) Serum/oils: This is a step I don't do every night.  I haven't used a serum that I really like, and I haven't really been looking for one.  I actually think of my Night Treatment Gel as a serum because it's extremely concentrated, moisturizing, and fights against aging.  Now, I do use an oil every once in a while when I need some extra care.  The Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil is my favorite.  When I use this, my skin is smoother, more balanced, and clearer when I wake up.  

5) Moisturizing is so important.  It's the thing that seals the deal, and helps your skin feel comfortable and nourished.  I love using something rich enough to repair my dry skin, but I also want it to sink in.  I don't want it to just lay on top of my skin and never absorb.  I've found these two moisturizers to do just that.  And they are both SUPER rich! The Eucerin Q-10 Sensitive Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream is simple--not many ingredients, no fragrance, leaves a semi matte finish, and is HIGHLY nourishing.  Plus it's only 10 dollars from the drugstore.  It's a great budget option.  The Ole Henrikson Nuture Me is rich and soothing.  It smells like creamsicles, and contains vitamins and oils that nourish and comfort the skin.  It's amazing for night time, and I actually feel that this moisturizer has helped fade my dark spots as well.  

My steps for the morning: 

1. Cleanse : Ole Henrikson Pure Truth Melting Cleanser
2. Eye Cream : Olay Total Effects CC Eye Cream ... nothing fancy here.  It depuffs my eyes and is gentle enough for this area!

3. Moisturize : For day time, I like something light that does the job.  The Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 Moisturizing Face Lotion has a high SPF and is light on my skin while still providing me with a good amount of moisture. 

That's all, folks! What skincare products do you love??? Anyone have any suggestions??? 

xx, molly :)

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